Artistic expression for every age.

Age isn’t anything but a number, and Arts Outreach brings musical numbers to our valley’s senior residents through professional and lighthearted concerts. Serving senior living homes, retirement communities and individuals, we offer the warmth off expression and the welcoming activity of participating in the arts to people who have limited mobility.

Do you have a special concert or artistic event you’d like us to bring to your senior home?
Let us know! Email us to set up a special concert or event for senior citizens.


Elder Arts Location Schedule

12:15-12:45    Solvang Senior Center

1:15-1:45        Friendship House

2:30-3:00        Recovery Residence,
                      Solvang Lutheran Home

3:15-3:45        Personal Care Unit,
                      Solvang Lutheran Home

Performance Schedule

April 1  Vivian Rangel, Piano

April 8  Lorin Green & Ed Rocket,
            Celtic Harp

May 13 Rick Tennock, Guitar

May 27  Linni Gilfrey & Bill Powell,

June 10  Jeanne Martin, Harp

June 24  Geoffrey Tozer, Piano/Vocals