Bringing the arts back to school.

Within our local schools, budget cuts have all but eliminated art, music, and drama teachers and programs for our students. Art Outreach is able to place an artist in the classroom, providing the necessary arts education and materials to fill this gap. Arts Outreach has successfully placed artists in valley schools including: Blochman, College Elementary, Santa Ynez Charter, Santa Ynez Elementary, Christian Academy, Ballard, Los Olivos, Oak Valley, Olga Reed (Los Alamos), Fillmore Elementary School (Lompoc), St. Mark’s Pre-School, Jonata School and Dunn Middle School.

Arts-In-Schools Workshops

Provides arts and music programs to over nine (9) valley schools. Arts Outreach teachers work with the classroom teacher, customizing art projects to follow curriculum.


Accessibility to art and music without bearing the financial burden of a full-time art  or music teacher; a luxury that most California schools can’t afford.  Students from low-income households particularly benefit from this program.

After-School Art Classes

Customized art workshops at valley schools and Arts Outreach office based on the needs of the given school.  Students from non-host schools are encouraged to participate.


Provides an alternative activity and a place to shine and belong for students not involved in after-school sports. 


Currently, low income is defined by if a child is eligible for free or reduced lunches. Arts Outreach serves schools where 39% of the students take free or reduced lunches. In Olga Reed (Los Alamos) and Blochman, 71% of the students take free or reduced lunches. The opportunity for low income students to receive arts education is made possible through Arts Outreach and the cooperation of the school administration and teaching staff.

Schools have the option to choose "Artist-in-Residence" or a workshop program, which runs three times a year. This program serves approximately 3,000 students every year and bring the arts back to schools whose budgets don’t allow for art and music teachers.